Complimentary Consultation

One stop solution for a Home Clear-Out

There are many instances where a home needs to be cleared out, for example, after someone has moved after a sale or passed away. Our efficient team can get a home cleared out fast, in an environmentally friendly manner.

We take care of the whole process. We sort through all possessions and arrange for items to be appraised, sold or donated. We can arrange for the removal and recycling of any remaining items, shipping to other members of the family around the world, as well as a final clearing of the home.

Whether you are a home owner, real estate agent or executor, Red Coats is your perfect one stop solution.

Clear my Basement +

Many of us store things in our basements thinking we may use them one day, or because we can’t bear to throw them out. And over the years, things accumulate, pile up, and fill every nook and cranny. If clearing your basement seems overwhelming, let our experienced Red Coats team help.